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About n2 Integrated Energy Solutions - Irvine, California

About n2 Integrated Energy Solutions, LLC

n2 Integrated Energy Solutions, LLC ("n2") focuses on developing and managing cost effective, efficient energy solutions for clients concerned about energy costs, resiliency, and sustainability. As specialists with decades of power and energy experience, n2's team carefully evaluates best fit solutions for distributed energy resource projects to optimize energy resources, reduce energy costs, improve energy resiliency, sustainability, and capture green attributes through highly efficient distributed energy resources.

n2's affiliation with Penn Power Group provides significant and proven experience over thousands of power generation installations. This relationship supports n2 with integrated distributed generation equipment solutions, engineering services, project management, and 24/7 parts and service support.

Effectively technology neutral, n2 considers how to use existing and new assets to more effectively drive energy efficiency, improve electric and thermal resiliencies, and drive enterprise as well as environmental sustainability. Our services and solutions include:

Phil Baldwin | Co-Founder, Senior Vice President and Senior Project Developer

Phil Baldwin
Co-Founder, Senior Vice President and Senior Project Developer

Phil Baldwin is Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of n2 Energy Solutions. For over 25 years Mr. Baldwin has developed his skill set and leadership capacity in energy project development, design/engineering and construction by serving in Senior Management positions for companies specializing in energy project development. Since 1998 Phil's career has been focused on Distributed Generation/Combined Heat & Power and Renewable Energy Projects in Agra Businesses, the Food and Beverage, and Manufacturing sectors.

Phil and his development team were involved in the development, design/engineering and construction of 41 CHP (combined heat and power) plants located in CA, New York and New Jersey, (7) 50Mw Peaker plants located in CA, CO, Nebraska, and PA, which include a 50Mw Peaker plant for the City of Burbank, and a 50Mw combined cycle plant in CA. The Peaker plants were all GE LM6000 natural gas fired turbine plants.

Previous to his involvement in the Energy and Distributed Generation sectors, Phil was involved in the Telecommunications Sector as Vice President of the Western Region with TSS Total Site Solutions and also served 2 years in the US Army.

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