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Cold Storage Logistics Facility Custom Energy Solution - Irvine, California

Custom Energy Solution for a Cold Storage Logistics Facility


The operator of a cold storage logistics facility was suffering under the weight of escalating natural gas and electricity costs. They were interested in finding an integrated solution to automate central plant operations, lower operating expense, and provide resiliency during natural disasters and extended utility outages.


Called in for a consultation, n2 Integrated Energy Solutions conducted a comprehensive analysis of their equipment, cyclical load requirements for operating the facility 24/7/365, as well as their current utility expenses.

Our solution consisted of a combined heat and power plant with the capacity to match the facility's base electrical load and offset the optimum amount of the thermal load for chilling process water. The installation incorporated a reciprocating engine generator as well as an aqua-ammonia absorption chiller driven by the hot water from the water jacket and exhaust stream of the reciprocating engine. We also installed power factor compensation equipment on the electrical mains to reduce power demand by improving current carrying capabilities.

Depending on cyclical load conditions, this system provided a 30% to 60% increase in energy efficiency and significantly improved the company's environmental profile. We designed the system to qualify for the utility's rebate program, and the estimated payback period is 3 to 4.5 years.

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Cold Storage Logistics Facility
Cold Storage Logistics Facility
Reciprocating Engine Generator
Reciprocating Engine Generator

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