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What Sets n2 Integrated Energy Solutions Apart ? - Irvine, California

What Sets n2 Apart?

The United States, despite having the most advanced electric utility network in the world, continues to face increasing electric energy costs and disruptions in electric power, with no end in sight. Power and thermal energy resiliencies are critical to sustainability and energy costs are a key to competitiveness. There is increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions.

n2's approach to a client's needs is as focused and unique as each individual facility. There are no "one size fits all" answers to reducing energy costs, adding resiliency, or sustainability. Each client's facility has its own unique set of energy needs and issues which, in turn, offers n2 an opportunity to provide solutions.

n2's holistic approach to unique, customized solutions sets us apart from others. n2's technology neutral approach focuses on solutions to improve energy efficiency while adding resiliency and sustainability to your enterprise. We evaluate energy costs, power and thermal requirements, power quality, and power reliability, and consider all of this against a backdrop of existing infrastructure, future plans, and carbon footprint. We want to know what is important to you!

Solutions start with a detailed analysis of electric and gas energy usage and costs, a site survey, and analysis of the electrical and mechanical infrastructure, process, and operational schemes. Energy analysis is a 2-part process. First the demand-side issues and opportunities are reviewed and analyzed. Secondly, supply-side opportunities are evaluated with energy saving opportunities and recommendations submitted to the client for review.

n2 provides:

  • Consideration of existing infrastructure, potential upgrades, power quality improvements, on site combined heat and power solutions, and hybrid combinations of technology.
  • A technology neutral approach built around best-fit, innovative energy solutions.
  • Electric and natural gas rate analysis and recommendations.
  • Financial models for both on- and off balance sheet solutions. We present 3rd party power purchase-ESCO solutions for clients interested in off balance sheet approaches.
  • Evaluation of Federal and state financial grants and incentives.
  • Turnkey solutions with experienced engineers, technology providers, and contractors.
  • Project management through commissioning and turnover.
  • Coordination of long term operations and maintenance plans.

What sets us apart? Experience, practical solutions, and a focus on your best interests.

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