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Semiconductor Plant Combined Heat & Power System - Irvine, California

CHP System for a Semiconductor Manufacturer


Although well-maintained, the equipment in our client's semiconductor plant was nearly twenty years old and at the end of its service life. They were weighing their alternatives, and contacted us at n2 Integrated Energy Solutions, LLC to engineer a clean, efficient, and power generation retrofit for this facility.


We engineered a combined heat and power plant that incorporated the most electrically and thermally efficient generating equipment available. Sized to match their load requirement projections, it incorporated a reciprocating engines as well as next-generation energy efficient electric chillers driven by the hot water diverted from the water jacket of two of the reciprocating engines. The waste heat recovery system was powered by the exhaust gases from the engines, which provided additional, carbon-neutral electricity production. We also installed power factor compensation equipment on the electrical mains to ensure the delivery of clean, reliable power with minimal distribution losses.

In addition to providing clean power at much lower cost than the previous equipment, this efficient combined heat and power system offset more than 75% of the natural gas required for hot water generation. It also qualified for the utility's rebate program which made a very positive financial impact. The remarkable 30% to 60% increase in energy efficiency will allow them to achieve payback in only 3 to 4 years.

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